"Helping to bring back a sense of well being and balance into life."

Abundant Healing Power

This is just a quick share, but WOW who else felt that massive healing energy surge last night.

When I do my healing work I become a conduit for the healing energy to flow through me.  My body temperature rises, I can feel my whole vibrations lift and pulsing energy flows freely through me and out of my hands.

I have been working intensely with Ascended Masters, Guides and Healing Masters in spirit of late to learn more about the Healing Arts and how to take my healings to another level.

The intensity I felt last night was out of this world.  I am first the skeptic with anything new coming to me to just rule out mainstream possibilities and I am confident this was no mainstream work at play.

Weather warm yes.  The evening was here and I was about to head off for my ritual walk, but an intense level of tiredness came over me.  I canned the walk and had to go to bed to lay down.   In a beautifully airconditioned room it started.  First the same feeling that happens when I am that healing conduit started up, but boy oh boy, it just intensified.  Hotter and hotter my insides became, the vibration felt like everything was shaking and as this began to flow through me my guides advised it is ok, this is the Healing Energy we want you to experience.  Builiding building, more intense, I had to throw back the covers and when doing so sparks of light just flew out of my hands.  Doubting Thomas here, moved again and the light sparks still flickered off.  I had to confirm this, so I woke my partner and said look what do you see.  My partner not really into this Energy stuff said whats that.  So confirmed he too saw the light sparks and actually said ‘careful you may start a fire.’ Bless him.   To help release the build up I just opened out my hands and sent the energy out to who ever needed or wanted it, including Mother Earth.

This morning as I give thanks for the huge experience I am seeing, feeling with such clarity its amazing.

The wonder of the Healing Arts just continues to make me whole.



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