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Mindful Coffee

Ok, so how did we go with practicing being in the Now with the Breathing practice?

Did you remember to commit to memory the feeling, no matter how big or small, of calmness?

As we move forward with the practice of Mindfulness for Meditation and Well Being, we do need to make sure we acknowledge this change.  The change from a mind so full it’s bursting to the brim, to a mind empty and relaxed.  This goes a long way to building that neural pathway I spoke about earlier, in ‘You Don’t Need to Put off Meditating Until you Have 30mins to do it’.  That will lead you to a better way of being.

So maybe the breathing one did not work, or you could not manage to put it into a daily routine.  That’s ok.  I have a few more practices of Mindfulness that you may want to try as we are on this journey to learn how to relax and be in a calmer state.

Let’s try the mindful approach to making a cuppa.  I will use coffee as an example.  Somewhere in your day, I will assume here, you will make yourself a hot drink of some sort.

Remember, this is all about finding you a task that you can do and do it mindfully.  To begin to get you out of the mindset that this meditation thing “I don’t have enough time.” Non-sense- the Therapist in me says.

So how do we make a cuppa mindfully and contribute it to our practice towards bringing the mind into the moment, thinking of only one task and not all the other jobs you have lined up for the day.

Well here goes, I will explain it for you.  It is probably going to feel like it will take forever to make a cup of coffee but it’s all in the detail.

We need to come into the Now.  Using all your senses we will make this cup of coffee together.

You are in the tea room, notice the space, the sounds, the smells, feel any breezes.

  • Reach for your favourite cup and notice the colour and how the cup feels when you touch it.
  • Placing it on the bench, hear the sound as it touches the surface.
  • You reach for the kettle and fill it up with water, watch all that you do, feel that splash of water as you pour the water in, hear the sound of the tap turning on and the water pouring out.
  • Kettle full, now turn it on.  Hear the sound of the kettle as it starts to boil the water.
  • Back to the cup. Yay, this is a brand new coffee jar, so take full advantage as you peel off that gold foil top and quickly smell the divine coffee scent.  See the grains of coffee. (I don’t drink coffee but that smell I would fight you for lol)
  • Now you spoon it into the cup, add your sugar.

With every movement –use your senses; be there in the coffee making process.

  • The kettle is whistling, you can see the steam coming out of the spout, as you reach over for it you can feel the warmth of the steam.
  • Pouring the water into the cup you watch as it swirls around, filling the cup, notice the smell once again.
  • Add your milk, watch as the colour changes, stir –what way does the liquid move?
  • Raising the cup to your mouth the temperature gets warmer, the smell stronger, and hmmm your taste of coffee. The taste buds are dancing as the warmth goes down in to the belly, so so comforting.

I will stop here, I think you will get the picture I am trying to paint.  Enjoy every little detail of what you are doing.  This way your mind is only thinking on one thing and that is the coffee making.

And guess what, you have just given the mind a chance to become still and only think of one thing.  In those moments of making your coffee you have been mindful and given yourself permission to relax into the Now.

You are getting there.  Slowly, (always the best policy) you are adding more moments of mindfulness into your day, and by the time I have offered you up a few more, you will not be able to say to me but I just couldn’t possibly find time to be mindful, to create space in your mind to be experience a sense of calm.

I hope you will give this a try and let me know how it goes.

Here’s to A Better Way of Being.

Soul Blessings


I often say when finishing a meditation practice with someone, ‘please make sure you are grounded before continuing your day”
This is a phrase that I understand but have realized that others may not. So, what does ‘make sure you are grounded’ or “don’t forget to ground yourself,’ actually mean and what can you do?
Grounding is basically a concept to help you reconnect with the Earth plane, or the physical body.
A great process to use if you are feeling light headed, out of breath from stress, a little confused, or even if you are feeling run of your feet.
Travelling a lot can also make you feel a liitle disconnected from things.
In todays modern rush rush of life this could actually be a regular occurrence throughout the day.
There are a number of things that you can do to help, from making sure you have something to eat, drink some water, some movement where the emphasis is on the feet connecting to the ground. (So, jumping up and down on the spot, tapping your feet on the floor, going outside and placing your feet on the ground.)
I find visualization is a great way to help you with grounding.
An example for you.
Make sure your feet are uncrossed and on the ground. If you are able to take off your shoes and place them on soil/lawn that is great, but not necessary. As long as you can bring your awareness to your feet on the ground. More so the soles of the feet, totally connecting to the surface beneath you. Now if possible close your eyes and bring your awareness inwards and down to your feet. Breathe in deep for a few breaths and on the next breath imagine or have a knowing that the air that you are breathing in is going all the way down your body from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. On the next breath in, see the air moving through your body, down to your feet and then out through the soles of your feet into the earth beneath you. Beautiful.
Imagine, sense that the you now have light beams like tree roots, going out from your feet deep into the Earth beneath you. Feel this as a strong, determined sensation. This is establishing a strong connection to the Earth beneath you.
You could use one of the following affirmations –
“ I am now totally grounded to my Path, I walk with confidence and courage.”
“My feet are solidly planted in Mother Earth, and I walk with certainty on my Path.”
“I am grounded.”
“I have a strong connection to the Earth Plane Now and with each footstep.”
I hope this has helped to give you a start with understanding what is meant when someone says to you, you need to be grounded.
Would love to hear what techniques you are using. There are so many, but here is the start for you. Happy Grounding.
Soul Blessings

Healthy Vs Unhealthy Aura

So we can have a healthy and an unhealthy aura – how does that work?The aura is made up of a vibrating frequency of close knit of electromagnetic particles. Each individual has their own unique aura. This is due to a combination of hereditary factors, our attitude, environment and life experiences.As an electromagnetic field it can also be affected by other electromagnetic fields. For example, have you ever come across another person and had the instant feeling of dislike or like for the person. This is the effect of your two auras coming together. How about going into a room and having a good or bad feel. Again, the electromagnetic imprint that is left in the room you are sensing. Moving into a space where there has been a lot of negative things happen in it, can give you the creeps before you even know what has happened in there. Same again your aura is picking up and reading if you like the energy pattern in the space.Other examples of things that can affect your aura are fluoro lighting, computers, radiowaves, basically anything producing energy. Including our thoughts, the more positive thoughts we have, the better we feel.So what does this mean, so what if our auras are affected? An aura that is continually affected by the negative, life force sucking energy fields, can become weak, it can become damaged and ultimately unhealthy. Again, you may ask, so? Let me present a picture for you. Anyone remember the force fields that spaceships are often cloaking themselves with in the movies. Well what happens if that force field is damaged from the oncoming attacks from other alien enemies? It becomes weak, and eventually if not repaired the spaceship starts to come under attack, and all panic stations begin to break out on the inside of the spaceship as computers and other structures are blown up.Well the same thing happens basically with our aura. If it is constantly under attack from other draining energy fields, it weakens, our energy becomes low, our defenses are down and the longer it goes on for, our physical body will begin to feel the effect. This can result in illness, fatigue, and stress.So, in today’s modern way of living, where it is extremely hard to almost impossible to not be affected by phones, computers, lights, other people, ourselves(thoughts- don’t forget negative thoughts produce negative depleting energy) what can we do?I always say at this point to my clients that ‘as much as there are things that affect our aura, there is as much we can do to keep them healthy’.I then go on to explain some ways and give examples of how this can be done.Nature being the first thing I talk about. Mother Earth, nature dishes up for us a number of ways to refresh and revitalise our aura. Go stand outside after or, as I do, during a rain and stretch out your arms (optional) and just breathe in. The ions that are produced during rain are one of the best to re-energise our aura. It feels good to breathe in the freshness after a rain, doesn’t it?A couple of other naturally occurring ‘good’ ion producing elements are walking along the beach with crashing waves. The ions produced from the crashing waves cleanse and rebuild our auric field. And believe it or not, standing out under a Full Moon, is NOT good for us. The ions that are produced are counterproductive to our body. The word lunatic comes from the Full Moon phase. Ask in any Emergency Medical space, how are their numbers on the night of a Full Moon, and they will tell you it is their busiest. Even nursing homes have reported that residents are most unsettled at this phase of the moon. So don’t purposely go out and stand in the Full Moon if you think you are doing yourself from an energy point of view any good.Stand out in the New Moon, the ions produced from this natural occurrence are just like the ones after a rain, or crashing waves, good for us.Ok – others ways to cleanse and refresh our auras are by doing things like smudging our auras with smoke. You can use a white sage smudge stick, or even the smoke from incense and wave it through your aura. This can also be used to cleanse the energy in a room/space, or other objects.I could continue with so much more – quick examples, crystals, salt sprays, chromotherapy lighting, healing energy, dry bathing, meditation, visualisation, affirmations, mudras, mantra………..So, to wrap this up for you so you can get on and cleanse your aura. The Human Energy Field – our Aura – is a living and practically breathing shield of energy that surrounds and is there to protect us. Life – throws at our aura so many battleships that put our aura under attack. It is up to us to keep our protective shield (aura) as strong as we can. This will result in us having a much better chance of staying healthy and with energy to go about our day.So off to cleanse, protect and see your way to A Better Way of Being – Well Being through Body, Mind and Soul.Soul Blessings


“It is one of the things I hear myself saying on a regular basis in my Stress Management Training sessions.”
You are not alone if you think that to practice meditating you need to sit cross legged and be still for 30 minutes or more a day.
You don’t? No.
And quite honestly if meditating is new to you, you are best off not trying to do this, as it will just not work for you, and you will only ever try it a couple of times and then give up.
Unfortunately, we get to the stage of thinking about meditating when we have either been told to by a Doctor or you find yourself in Stress City and think you might try this meditation thing.
This being the case, you will normally have a head so full of busyness that it is just too crazy in there for stillness, there is no room.
So lets start off slowly. The mind needs to be wound backwards and yes retrained. It really wont appreciate you all of a sudden wanting it to think of nothing for 30mins. It just wont, it has too much else that it needs to be doing.
And this is how it is for quite some time until the body and mind see that it does actually function better when in a state of calmness.
So how do you begin to introduce the Mind of its Own, with the concept of calm and quiet.
By short regular and consistent exposure.
So ok, there is a whole book of practices I could go into, but I want to get you started now, so I will focus on one practice and help you through it.
Mindfulness. Here we go, a Sharon version.
We need to get your mind thinking on one thing, just one thing. So the one thing that we all do, and we already are doing it everywhere we go, and we don’t need to be in a specific pose, or have specials aids with us and that is breathing.
So lets get mindful about breathing.
I want you to firstly pick a minimum of three times a day that you will do this practice. Put them in your diary and make sure the alarm that rings to reminder you is only ever used to remind you to do this practice.
OK, times set. Now what we do in any mindful practice is bring ourselves into the Now.
Ok you are already here you say? Nope.
Really in the Now. So instead of letting the mind go off in tangents of what it is you need to be doing, where else you need to be, who else you need to be seeing etc etc.
Lets take control. This is much easier when you start off with, by closing your eyes. It takes away the distraction of what you could possibly start looking at around you. (take it from experience, when I started, I had my eyes open and that dust I saw on the table just continued to speak so loudly to me, it became a distraction and I had to get up and clean) No, close your eyes.
Now, eyes closed. This is when you begin to draw your attention inwards and become one with the now.
Use your senses to enhance this moment.
– What are you feeling Now? Notice any breezes, temperature, texture of your clothing, the surface you are on.
-What are you smelling? Notice any smells, fragrances, aromas.
-What are you hearing? Notice the sounds in and around the room. (the fan, the computer, the wind/rain/traffic outside.
– What are you seeing? See that darkness in front of you with your eyes closed. Do you see any colour in there?
Ok beautiful. Coming into the Now wonderfully. The breath here it is, bring your awareness on your breath. Feel how the body moves when you breathe, what part of your body is moving when you breathe. How cool is the breath when you breathe in? How warm is the breath when you breathe out? What is the rhythm of the breath?(just let it be, dont try and control the breath)
And now just be in this moment, watch the breath come and go, lets say do this for 10 breaths. Even count the breath, focusing even more on the breath as you count.
Then that is it, open your eyes, pay good attention to the sense of calmness, however small it is to start off with, and continue your day. You have just introduced a very short meditation practice into your world. Repeat this over the three times a day, as you can and feel ready to do so, increase the time in this state, count more breaths. You are being mindful.
The more you practice the more the mind will get better at the stillness and you will soon be getting ready for your moments of breathing before the alarm has gone off.
This is just a start. I will share some more examples of what you can do to become more in the Now with Mindful practices later.
I need to highlight here, before continuing your day, it is THE most essential part of this practice is to acknowledge immediately after you open your eyes and before getting busy again, take note of the calmness that is there. We need to remember it, we need to feel it and do this after absolutely ever time you do a relaxation practice. Acknowledge the peace, commit it to memory. This will help begin to rebuild the neural pathway of relaxation and make it stronger and stronger for you. There will come a time when that neural pathway is so strong your mind will chose to work from a calm state because it will see how better the body performs from this state. (You can do this) Lets get started.
Please, I know this goes without saying, practice this with safety in mind. Not while driving, or operating machinery.

Over the last few months I have been so blessed to have worked with a number of expecting mums.

This is a glorious time welcoming in to the world a new Soul.
Setting a peaceful foundation over the nine months is so important.

I have put together some affirmations that I have channelled for my clients and decided to share them here.
If you know anyone who is expecting please feel free to share.

It is equally as important for dad to be to be a part of this process so the affirmations can also be used for dad. Dad’s just connect with your growing child, hands on belly and say hello. Make the affirmation yours and spend a few moments sharing with the Soul emerging and growing.

So for Dads – this affirmation, you could say “surrounded in love I help bring this new life into a beautiful world.

Hope you all enjoy this series.
Soul Blessings