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Spring Equinox Celebrations

spring equinox

I will be running a Celebration Chakradance Day to welcome in the Spring Equinox at the beautiful Pichi Richi Park in the Flinders Ranges.  On the 20th September, if you would like further info, just email me at hibisucsdreaming@bigpond.com

Have a great weekend all.

Soul Blessings

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Stop, Relax and Listen

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Over the past couple of weeks my inability to connect through the internet has thrown me gracefully into just being. I see now this was a much needed activity and I thank spirit for placing me in this direction. It would have been quiet easy for me to get caught up in the anxiety of not having my computer working and get all stressed out about it, but life has taught me that it is better to make the best out of every moment given. So with this is mind, I set about to fully embrace the opportunity presented to just stop, relax and listen. This has helped me to refocus, to consider where and how I should be placing my energies. And now I am back online, I am going to ensure I scheduled into daily practice, time to Stop, Relax and Listen. I have seen that they are valuable moments that clear the mind and inspire the Soul. Another gift from the Universe that I am grateful to have experienced.

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A big Soul Blessings from Asharnaye.

I was 39 sitting in front of a cardiologist who had just finished telling me the results of many a cardio test.  It was like my world had come crushing in on me and I had entered a time warp of numbness.  The words he spoke just ripped at my core, ‘you have the heartbeat of a 70 year old and you need to have a pacemaker urgently.’

Referrals made and I was off to see more cardio specialist and many more test.  My test results had them baffled as there were a few things happening together that they had not seen in someone my age.  The last of the tests done and I was looking at the metal object that they wanted to place in my chest.

Okay Sharon pull yourself together.  So with every detail of anatomical names for what was affected the research began.  Being a stubborn Taurean it was inevitable I was going to make a stand.    The research trail I went on showed me that a particular part of my nervous system was damaged.  And the major factor to cause this type of damage was STRESS.

My thought process was. ‘ I done this to myself, so let me undo it.’  I had just spent 5 years of 24/7 in what I call purgatory, so I clearly new stress was the factor.   In my determination to avoid that metal object being placed in, I was able to get a referral to a Professor of Cardiology, and what I see now as being divinely guided, he was prepared under close monitoring to allow me to begin to undo this.

Thus began my journey into Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy and the Granddaddy of them all, Meditation.  Study, study, study, practice, practice, practice, the results were beginning to show. I was beginning to undo what I had created in the first place.    This was no easy task and there were moments that progress was very slow.  But through this core strength, belief and many moments of giving permission to myself to do this I am able to say that some 10 years down the track I am now on my second round of 2 yearly appointments with my Professor.  To me this is huge, and has totally led me on a path to which I am truly grateful.

I am a Stress Management consultant, Relaxation Therapist and Meditation teacher, and I have a background of totally knowledge and experience as to what Stress can do to the body and a person’s life.

My passion for meditation and its practice is so very strong to this day, has brought me to creating my own range of mediation CDs.

The first of which I am now launching.

Each track recorded comes from the depth of me, each CD captures the energy of my passion for helping people bring some relaxation into their world.

I was no recording artist, I was no technology wizard but when you are on your path finally, it does all full into place.

I am honoured that you have taken the time to read my story and I truly hope that I can share with you my Soul felt understanding of how stress can affect our life and here within my CD range you can find a means to begin to open yourself up to a better way of being.

All available from the online shop at http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com.

Soul Blessing from Asharnaye

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