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Happy Spring

Spring Equinox Celebrations

spring equinox

I will be running a Celebration Chakradance Day to welcome in the Spring Equinox at the beautiful Pichi Richi Park in the Flinders Ranges.  On the 20th September, if you would like further info, just email me at hibisucsdreaming@bigpond.com

Have a great weekend all.

Soul Blessings

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Stop, Relax and Listen

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Over the past couple of weeks my inability to connect through the internet has thrown me gracefully into just being. I see now this was a much needed activity and I thank spirit for placing me in this direction. It would have been quiet easy for me to get caught up in the anxiety of not having my computer working and get all stressed out about it, but life has taught me that it is better to make the best out of every moment given. So with this is mind, I set about to fully embrace the opportunity presented to just stop, relax and listen. This has helped me to refocus, to consider where and how I should be placing my energies. And now I am back online, I am going to ensure I scheduled into daily practice, time to Stop, Relax and Listen. I have seen that they are valuable moments that clear the mind and inspire the Soul. Another gift from the Universe that I am grateful to have experienced.

Stop relax listen 2

A big Soul Blessings from Asharnaye.

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