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In today’s world we are surrounded in much trauma and tragedy. I thought I would put together some soothing healing harmonics to help heal those experiencing grief and loss. We are all unique and beautiful individual Souls who deal with the loss of loved ones, tragic events in as equally unique ways. I hope these waves of healing sounds will reach deep within you and help bring you some comfort in those deepest moments of suffering or pain. Set yourself up to be comfortable, this is just a short 5min healing session. Best appreciated through earphones with the volume about midway. Close your eyes and allow the soothing sounds to wrap in and around you. If you do so enjoy this, I have an extended 20min mp3 version available on my website on the free downloads page.
Please visit http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com/free-downloads.php
It would be a wonderful gift to share this to your friends and family who may just need a bit of extra loving at the moment. Take care, much love and please enjoy. Soul Blessings

In a Distance Healing you will  benefit from the following:

* Reiki       * Chakra Balancing        * Sound Healing with Harmonics

* Chromotherapy –Light healing    * Channelled Information from Spirit

With the understanding that we are all of the one consciousness it is possible to connect together over vast distance on and energetic level. Through connecting with the Soul and Subconscious energy a remarkable true story of what is going on for you can be gathered and relayed.

There is much that can be shown at this level of communication from discovering past life stories, receiving messages from Spirit.  A distance healing may give you insights as to what is going on for you in the now, what you may need to do to help heal cords of attachment or negativity.  The messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels or Collective Spiritual Consciousness around you, may shed light on particular concerns for you. They may provide valuable information as to what crystals, food or colour you should be bringing into your life.

The duration of a Distance Healing is 2hours.

You will Receive
*  Healing
*  A personalised mp3 recording of your Sound Healing so you can continue the healing           process at your own pace.
*  Notes from your Healing including any messages from Spirit
*  Information from Chakra Balancing
*  Name placed on Reiki Healing Grid for  one week after the DIstance Healing

All written information will be emailed to you as soon as completed.  The mp3 recording of your Harmonic session will be sent via sendthisfile to your email address
To book your Distance Healing today please visit online shop at http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com .


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