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healing circle invite

Hi Everyone, I would like to personally invite you to join with me in a Healing Circle tonight live on Hibiscus Dreaming facebook at 7pm South Australian time.

The intention is to share healing out into a World in need.

Everyone is welcome, Healers of all modalities, and if you feel you are in need of healing please join me, open you heart to receive and let your Soul absorb all that serves its highest best interest.

If you know someone, or there is something you would like healing to be sent to as you join in please write in the comments and the healing will know exactly where to go and what to do.

If you join in and the session has started just close your eyes and let the healing begin.

My heart, my healing, welcomes you now and forever in the circle of Healing.

I will close the session with a short sound healing and guide you back into the moment.

Please please share this around, invite your friends to join in and lets together send a wave of the most awesomeness healing around the World.

See you in the Hibiscus Dreaming Healing Circle.

Soul Blessing