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Healthy vs Unhealthy Aura

So we can have a healthy and an unhealthy aura – how does that work?

The aura is made up of a vibrating frequency of  close knit of electromagnetic particles.  Each individual  has their own unique aura.  This is due to a combination of hereditary factors, our attitude, environment and life experiences.

As an electromagnetic field it can also be affected by other electromagnetic fields.  For example, have you ever come across another person and had the instant feeling of dislike or like for the person.  This is the effect of your two auras coming together.  How about going into a room and having a good or bad feel.  Again, the electromagnetic imprint that is left in the room you are sensing.  Moving into a space where there has been a lot of negative things happen in it, can give you the creeps before you even know what has happened in there.  Same again your aura is picking up and reading if you like the energy pattern in the space.

Other examples of things that can affect your aura are fluoro lighting, computers, radiowaves, basically anything producing energy.  Including our thoughts, the more positive thoughts we have, the better we feel.

So what does this mean, so what if our auras are affected?  An aura that is continually affected by the negative, life force sucking energy fields, can become weak, it can become damaged and ultimately unhealthy.

Again, you may ask, so?

Let me present a picture for you.  Anyone remember the force fields that spaceships are often cloaking themselves with in the movies.  Well what happens if that force field is damaged from the oncoming attacks from other alien enemies?  It becomes weak, and eventually if not repaired the spaceship starts to come under attack, and all panic stations begin to break out on the inside of the spaceship as computers and other structures are blown up.

Well the same thing happens basically with our aura.  If it is constantly under attack from other draining energy fields, it weakens, our energy becomes low, our defenses are down and the longer it goes on for, our physical body will begin to feel the effect.  This can result in illness, fatigue, and stress.

So, in today’s modern way of living, where it is extremely hard to almost impossible to not be affected by phones, computers, lights, other people, ourselves(thoughts- don’t forget negative thoughts produce negative depleting energy) what can we do?

I always say at this point to my clients that ‘as much as there are things that affect our aura, there is as much we can do to keep them healthy’.

I then go on to explain some ways and give examples of how this can be done.

Nature being the first thing I talk about.  Mother Earth, nature dishes up for us a number of ways to refresh and revitalise our aura.  Go stand outside after or, as I do, during a rain and stretch out your arms (optional) and just breathe in.  The ions that are produced during rain are one of the best to re-energise our aura.  It feels good to breathe in the freshness after a rain, doesn’t it?

A couple of other naturally occurring ‘good’ ion producing elements are walking along the beach with crashing waves.  The ions produced from the crashing waves cleanse and rebuild our auric field.

And believe it or not, standing out under a Full Moon, is NOT good for us.  The ions that are produced are counterproductive to our body.  The word lunatic comes from the Full Moon phase.  Ask in any Emergency Medical space, how are their numbers on the night of a Full Moon, and they will tell you it is their busiest.  Even nursing homes have reported that residents are most unsettled at this phase of the moon.

So don’t purposely go out and stand in the Full Moon if you think you are doing yourself from an energy point of view any good.

Stand out in the New Moon, the ions produced from this natural occurrence are just like the ones after a rain, or crashing waves, good for us.

Ok – others ways to cleanse and refresh our auras are by doing things like smudging our auras with smoke.  You can use a white sage smudge stick, or even the smoke from incense and wave it through your aura.  This can also be used to cleanse the energy in a room/space, or other objects.

I could continue with so much more – quick examples, crystals, salt sprays, chromotherapy lighting, healing energy, dry bathing, meditation, visualisation, affirmations, mudras, mantra………..

So, to wrap this up for you so you can get on and cleanse your aura.

The Human Energy Field – our Aura – is a living and practically breathing shield of energy that surrounds and is there to protect us.

Life – throws at our aura so many battleships that put our aura under attack.  It is up to us to keep our protective shield (aura) as strong as we can.  This will result in us having a much better chance of staying healthy and with energy to go about our day.

So off to cleanse, protect and see your way to A Better Way of Being – Well Being through Body, Mind and Soul.

Soul Blessings




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