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Crown Chakra

crown chakra prayer

The Tide Has Changed

tide has changed

flow mudra collage

Friendship Mudra

friendship mudra

Meditations for Relaxation

Yay, after what seems a lifetime I am so thrilled to announce that I now have available at Hibiscus Dreaming Online Shop my very own Guided Meditations for Relaxation.

This particular journey of creation has been a true dive into the deepest of unknown and dark waters.   I have worn just about all the hats in this process and want to just take the time to tell you, if you have a dream of something you want to do or achieve then don’t let anything get in your way.

I have been writer, recorder, audio enhancer, producer, composer, label and disk designer.   Wow, when I left mainstream employment to immerse myself in my spiritual path I would never have thought the road would have seen all this unfold.

Belief, determination and yes a lot of frowns and outbursts I am here.   The times I felt it was all too hard I just learnt to pack it up, not to never do it again, but to just allow the flow of energy that had become so tangled up to loosen and become free flowing again.

The trust and faith that spirit would help soothe the flow always had me back at it after a brain wave was able to come through the thick fog that had built up.

I had the great fortune of spending time with White Eagle Medicine Women and one of the things she told me, ‘always do a little towards your dreams each day,’ and that is what I have been doing.    It sure has not been the fastest of rides and this is good as I have been really able to learn many life lessons and appreciate to an infinite degree my Soul and my connection to the Earth Plane.

I am looking forward now to creating more inspiring Guided Meditations and Harmonic Healings to share with you.

In the now we live, in the now we breathe and in the now we are one.

Soul Blessings to All.

If you would like to take a look at what is available please do drop in to http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com,


Solar Plexus Chakra Prayer

Solar plexus chakra prayer

Sacral Chakra Prayer

Sacral chakra prayer

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