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Creating Your Own Magic

These delightful Potion Portions have been hand created at Hibiscus Dreaming and are now available from the

Online Shop at http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com

Get ready to prepare your own potion for Love, Inner Goddess or Soul Replenishment.  With these potion portions you get involved with preparing & invoking the magic. Potion bottle has been individually hand painted, & the dry ingredients have been hand grown and dried in the Flinders Ranges.Potions for invoking your Inner Goddess, Love and Soul Replenishment

How to Prepare your Magic

Add one third of the Dry & Salt mix ingredients into one of the tea bags provided.   Seal by ironing closed.   In a glass container or plunger place   the tea bag and add up to 500ml of hot water.  Allow to stand and draw until naturally cool.

Decant some of the water into the potion bottle and any remaining water you should store in a sealed container and place in dark cool area.

To keep within the sacredness of this magic making you may wish to perform your own ritual of setting up space protection, making intentions to invoke the inner goddess within you.   The more you make this process about what you are creating the deeper the energy around it you will make.

Now you are ready to use the potion.  Simply place a few drops of the  liquid into the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together.  The magic will be absorbed through the energy centres of the  hand and fingers and flow through to your light.   Then wave your hands around through your aura to surround yourself in the magic.

It is now within & around you.   Potion should not be ingested.

In your magic making please be mindful of attracting such, only if it serves your highest best interestImage

By popular demand a new range of pendulums for you to have many hours of magic.  All infused with Reiki, Harmonics and Chromotherapy.

Each piece has a Prayer or Affirmation for you to say as you get to know your new friend.

Pendulum Clear your answers Be

Communication from Divine, so I can see.

Both Left and Right, yes and no

Around and Around for do not Know.

Our Connection I honor and gratitude Give.

For we are now one and together Live.

 Would love for you to pop over to take a look at these wonderful handmade energised unique pendulums at

http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com  Image

The beautiful handmade macrame bracelets have been infused with Reiki, harmonics and the abundance mantra ‘Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha’ to embrace and lift your Soul. Please visit http://www.hibiscusdreaming.com  Online shop to take a closer look at all available at this stage.  Yes more jewellery to come soon. Thanks for popping in.


Magical Besom

Now on Sale from Hibiscus Dreaming Online Shop in the Magik and Enhancement Tools Section.

Place in any space to bring a touch of magic to your world.

Individual Magic Besoms are of a variety of colours.  If you wish to place your order HIbiscus Dreaming will choose the colour for you, keeping the magical suprise alive right up until when you open your parcel.

Each Besom approximately 28cm in length.

Macrame hanger, and each has its own wire lantern filled with clear quartz crystal to draw in the beautiful magical energy.


Thank You Besom for Choosing me,

With all my light I welcome thee.

Magic I Summon to fill my world,

With Abundance, love and laughter.

Colour Me Sweet in Pure Magical Delight,

For Now and Ever After.






Hibiscus Dreaming off to the Adelaide Body Mind & Psychic Expo

If you get a chance over the weekend, why not pop into the Adelaide Body Mind & Psychic Expo at the showgrounds and come take a look at Hibiscus Dreaming site 99. Love to see you there.

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